Frequently Ask Questions:

Q.  Why buy from us?
A.  We have a wide range of spare parts for 070 model chainsaw. We have more than 8 years of experience in this industry. We know what we are doing.

Q.  Do you issue a receipt?
A.  Yes, we issue an official receipt.

Q.  What methods of payment are accepted?
A.  We accept Paypal or credit cards. We also offer CASH ON DELIVERY (COD).

Q.  Do you ship nationwide?
A.  Yes, we ship anywhere in the Philippines as long as it was served by courier.

Q.  How much is the shipping cost?
A.  You only pay a flat rate shipping charge of 230 pesos for every order you made. We will pay for the difference. For example, the shipping fee in LBC is 250 pesos, you will only pay 230 pesos and we will pay the difference of 20 pesos.

Q.  How long does it take for my orders to arrived?
A.  Usually it takes 3-7 days depending on the remoteness of your location. Some areas are may take more time.

Q.  What courier are you using?
A.  We used most express courier available and our COD partner courier.

Q.  Do you accept returns?
A.  We have a 14 day return policy and the parts being returns had not been used. Customers will pay for the return shipping.

Q.  Are you Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PHILGEPS) accredited?
A.  Yes, we are PHILGEPS accredited.

For any other questions, you may contact as at,

phone: (053) 589-1332